Weight Loss Program

Losing weight is easy: the hard part is living a lifestyle that keeps it off. This program teaches a lifestyle that allows you to improve your health year by year. My philosophy about weight gain is not that our metabolism slows down as we get older, but that it slows down because we are constipated. Constipation here does not necessarily refer only to the bowels. There are several systems in the body that rely upon each other to excrete toxic waste. Our body is constantly trying to keep itself clean, but when a system is overrun with toxic waste it weakens all the systems, affecting our ability to metabolize our food.

Like everything, losing weight takes a certain amount of balance. A clean body does not have to eat perfectly all the time. A person that cleans their body regularly can take moments to enjoy celebration foods and not affect their weight. There are many factors to optimal health: social, spiritual, physical, and emotional aspects all work together to create the stability found in optimal health. By learning to eat a balanced diet high in fruits, vegetables, whole grain, nuts, and seeds, you will learn to lose weight or maintain your optimal body fat without a yo-yo effect.

Steps to Weight Loss

Step 1. Open an account on fitday.com and start tracking what you eat. (For analysis and advice on journal entries you must have a monthly membership, which costs $10.)


Do not eat more that 20g of saturated fat.

Eat at least 35 grams of fiber.

A balance ratio between food groups is about 60% carbohydrates, 25% protein, and 15% fat.

Step 2. Start Eating the Living Diet.

Step 3. Complete an Isagenix cleanse.

Step 4. Complete a Detox cleanse.

Weight loss results vary from individual to individual.  Averages that I have seen are 7-25 pound per month.

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