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Hoka OneOne Mafate Trail Runner

Despite all of the buzz surrounding barefoot running,a French footwear company called HOKA ONE ONE has decided to go in the opposite direction. The Hoka OneOne Mafate Trail Runner is the shoe that ultra runners are raving about. Using a lower ramp angle and a rocker shaped, feather weight midsole, the Hoka Mafate reproduces the conditions a barefoot runner experiences when running on grass or sand. The oversized midsole will absorb any hard obstacle your foot may encounter, and once compressed, the feather-weight EVA springs back under your forefoot for increased acceleration. With 50% more surface area in contact with the ground, and a midsole that allows the foot to recess into it by almost one inch, the shoe provides protection, stability, and pronation control unmatched in stability running.


As an incentive right now I am asking for referral business. For every 10 people that a person refers and buys a pair of shoes that person can buy a pair of shoes for $120. For every 15 people, you will receive a pair for free. So start spreading the news.



Bondi Unisex
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Bondi Men

Bondi Women

Mafate Unisex
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Mafate Men

Mafate Women

Mafate Men's Waterproof
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Mafate Women's Waterproof

Testimonial by Aaron Ogden:
When I was first introduced to the Hoka's my first thoughts were, "great, a new gimmicky shoe," and I silently mocked my friend for spending way too much money on a running shoe. On our training runs I noticed that it was taking more effort than usual to run at a leisure pace and to keep up with my friend. I did not want to give credit to the HOKA and thought it was just like when a child gets a new pair of new shoes and they think they can run faster. So I decided to be patient for a few more runs and let the newness wear off with his superhuman powers. Well they didn't wear off, and so after one of our training runs my friend offered that I run in his shoes after we were done. I ran for about a 1/4 mile and I was hooked. I went out and bought a pair by the end of the week. The comparison I made was its like riding on a hard tail bike vs. a full suspension bike on a downhill course. It's a no brainer you will ride the full suspension bike. The Hoka shoe was the same experience, it's a no brainer you will feel like "you can fly."


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