Committed Adventure Racing

Committed Adventure Training is an alternative health and wellness service focusing on:

Building Physical Fitness

Follow a 5 month periodized training program focusing on mountain biking, trail running, kayaking, rope skills, and core exercises.

Improving Your Diet

Develop a lifestyle of healthy habits to manage weight and maximize physical performance by eating a high nutrient diet.

Strengthening Team Dynamics

Participants will work together in a team environment learning to problem solve, work with different abilities, and strategize on what is the best way to cross the finish line.

Committing to the Committed Lifestyle

The vision of Committed Adventure Training is to provide an opportunity to live a “Committed Lifestyle.” The Committed Lifestyle is a support network that offers opportunities to improve health through outdoor activity’s and unique education clinics.

The tool that Committed Adventure Training uses to improve health is Adventure Racing. We will prepare participants to race in teams of 2-4 participants along a course using mountain bikes, kayaks, trail running/trekking, and rappelling in any random order that was determined by plotting Check Points on a map. Participants will use the expertise of Committed Adventure Training staff to teach them the skills necessary to accomplish the race and develop a lasting lifestyle of physical activity and good nutrition.

Lifestyle vs Program

Committed Adventure Training is providing an opportunity to live a healthy lifestyle. This is not about participating in a program and then you are done. This is about committing to a lifestyle of vibrant health, rooted nutrition, and passionate activity. After finishing this service you will have the opportunity to participate in “Committed Lifestyle” and continue to use your fitness in additional races and adventure activities, and continue to improve your nutrition.


• To live the 7 healthy principles everyday.

1-Eat 4 fruits and 4 servings of vegetables each day

2-Drink 64 oz of water each day

3-Take supplements that are food based

4-Drink nourishing fluids

5-Take a moment each day to express gratitude

6-Exercise 3-5 times a week

7-Avoid processed foods for a period of time

• To participate in outdoor activities. These activities are the motive for vibrant health.

Service Includes:

• 5 months training

• 2 education clinics and team building exercise per month

• 2 weekend workouts per month

• High nutrient multivitamin and recovery shake

• Sport nutrition samples-customized fuel protocol

• Heart Rate Monitors-upgrades available

• Hydration packs

• Instruction: Rappelling and ropes, kayaking, mountain biking

• Dress Rehearsal- Practice on a previous or similar course

• Race registration assistance

• Accountability consultations

Participants Responsibility

• Weekly report of training and progress

• Follow training program: Time commitment is 1-2 hours on weekdays and 3-6 hours on weekends

• Team development

• Work out with team members

• Be prepared with gear necessary for training

• Pay and register for race


• All team workouts will be outside, weather permitting, or at a local gym.

• Team work outs are not guided trips. They are an organized work outs. Participants are responsible for their own safety. Please understand your risk.

• Each week a training program will be emailed with indoor and outdoor options.

• Training commitment – we have developed the program for a busy person. Participants will need to devote 1 hour each day and then 3-6 hours on the weekends.


All clinics will be held at business location mornings before work, during the lunch time, or after work. Clinics will be ½-1 hour long. If there is time we will do a short training work out.

• Team dynamics

• Training Periodization

• HR zones

• Sport Nutrition

• Health Nutrition

• Weight Loss and cutting

• First aid and emergency care

• Bike fitting, repair and clothing

• UTM plotting and Orienteering

• Race Strategies

• Race Scenarios

• Carbo Loading

• Race Week Prep

For more information about the alternative health and wellness service, contact Aaron Ogden at 801-243-1791.


Down Payment: $200
4 payments of $200

Discounts are available for large groups and spouse participation. Please inquire for more information.

Race Day:

Race dates are determined by race directors. Once a race date has been set training will start 5 months prior to the race. For race updates and information go to:

To read about about previous races visit

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