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Just Do It! Any questions how I feel about exercise? It is so easy to make an excuse when it comes to exercise: too tired, sick, busy, etc. But the thing is, achieving optimal health through exercise and nutrition can get rid of those excuses and make you wonder why you ever bothered with them in the first place. When it comes down to it, the choice is yours. And if you decide you want a change, I’m here to help. I offer a wide range of individualized programs to help you stay focused on your ultimate goal: your health.

Personal Training

So, you have a goal and you’re motivated to change. But where do you start? Personal training has shown that you will achieve your results FASTER and SAFER. I offer a wide range of services starting with basic weight training and running all the way to sport specific training programs. I also can teach you to improve your nutrition and reach weight loss goals. These programs are tailored for you to help you accomplish your goals. As a personal trainer, I can help you develop and implement your own individual plan to achieve optimal health. more

Conditioning Camp

If you want to maximize your results, enroll in my conditioning camp.
I use a specially tailored program over the course of 7 weeks to
prepare, build, and even exhaust your body.
Perfect for getting into shape! more

Personal Training

Personal training is meant to be personal. It should meet your own individual needs, training you so that the benefits outweigh the risks of exercise. The personal training service is focused on a lifestyle change where optimal health is achieved using both nutrition and exercise. My goal is to help you create an environment that fits your lifestyle where you can achieve optimal health.

I have worked with collegiate athletes, trained pro soccer teams, worked with ski conditioning, tri-athletes, and cyclists. I feel that I offer one of the most complete services as a personal trainer. I have a well-rounded background (hyperlink to bio)that allows me to develop unique, individual programs for each client. My specialties include sports nutrition for endurance racing, cycling, endurance racing, tri-athletes, tennis, soccer, speed work, weight loss, and biomechanical issues.

Services Available (each session runs 1 hour)

• Private session $65
• Semi-private session $35 each person
• Trios $30 each person
• Quads $25 each person
• Nutritional Analysis and Consulting $10 a month for once a month visits and email communication (3-month minimum purchase required)

For additional information or to schedule an appointment, contact Aaron Ogden. aaron@chickenorpig.com

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Conditioning Camp

The Conditioning Camp consists of a 7-week periodized training course. Periodization is a training method that alters the level of intensity throughout a training phase to achieve greater results and minimize plateaus. Generally, there are 3 training phases:

• PREPARE the body with high volume, low intensity exercise
• BUILD the body by using both high and low intensity exercise
• EXHAUST the body with low volume, high intensity exercise

Each 7-week phase of training focuses on a different component of fitness—for example, improving cardiovascular endurance, increasing muscular strength, and building a stronger core. The course is designed to accommodate different fitness levels, offering 3 levels of intensity to choose from. This is a great class for

• Cross training
• Weight loss / Fat loss
• Ski/Snowboard conditioning
• General fitness
• Toning

Time: 7–8 p.m.

Days: Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday

Location: The Sports Mall in Murray (5445 S. 900 E.)

Price: $75 (Sport Mall members) and $85 (non-members)

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Course Focus:

For additional questions or to enroll please contact Aaron Ogden. aaron@chickenorpig.com

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