Biography and Philosophy

I was born and reared in the Rocky Mountains of Salt Lake City. Since my youth I have been active in the outdoors and involved in competitive sports. I currently enjoy back-country skiing, mountain biking, kayaking, back packing, and adventure racing. I have a great passion for fitness and health. In my family, the running joke is how long will it be before the dinner conversation turns to health and fitness.

The difference between involvement and commitment is like an ham-and-eggs breakfast: the chicken was involved, but the pig was committed. What are you going to be, a chicken or a pig?

In the world of health, I’m one of the few people who tell you to be a pig. BE COMMITED. Being committed is not a life of restriction. It is a life of fulfillment, activity, joy, celebration, and looking and feeling good. Being committed means that you are establishing principles of health that can be applied in all aspects of life to create optimal health. There are four components to optimal health: physical health, mental health, emotional health, and spiritual health. Each of these need to be addressed in a balanced program. To focus on one component alone will not bring satisfaction. When it comes to health, many people focus only on the physical, which usually leads to disappointment and continual frustration. Learning to balance these four components leads to a LIFE of excitement and fulfillment.

Many people are involved in improving their life (they’re chickens). They go back and forth between the latest fads, only to increase their frustration. They donate time to exercise and improving their diet, but just as it only took seconds (technically speaking) for the chicken to lay its egg, some people put only a little time into improving their health (i.e., only exercising once or twice a week; only eating 1–3 healthy meals per week; cleansing and then going to the movie theater the next day and ordering a bucket of popcorn and a large soda). To really improve your health it takes commitment to change your lifestyle. Becoming a pig is not an overnight excursion. It takes time, discipline, motivation, and practice. My services will teach people to transform themselves into someone committed to experiencing life with joy.

Start practicing now and you will feel and see changes in your health. These changes will make it easier to stay with the program. You can create a lifestyle that rewards you with energy, self satisfaction, and optimal health. Once you reach a state where the body is clean, it will run optimally, without sickness. It will take a little effort (exercising daily and eating the Living diet 3–4 times per week) to maintain your optimal weight and body fat, but by doing so you can still enjoy your cake and ice cream too. Take this opportunity to learn to be responsible for your own health.

Graduate From University of Utah in Exercise Science

Fitness Leader Certification through American College of Sports Medicine
Reebok University Certification in Reactive Neuromuscular Training
Currently working on a Master Herbalist degree from the School of Natural Healing
Wilderness First Responder Certified

I encourage lifestyle change.
I believe the benefit of your program must out weigh the risk.
I believe that education is empowerment.
I teach a balance between the physical, spiritual, mental, and the emotional.

Cleanse, Nutrition and Skin Care

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