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Testimonial by Aaron Ogden:
When I was first introduced to the Hoka's my first thoughts were, "great, a new gimmicky shoe," and I silently mocked my friend for spending way too much money on a running shoe. On our training runs I noticed that it was taking more effort than usual to run at a leisure pace and to keep up with my friend. I did not want to give credit to the HOKA and thought it was just like when a child gets a new pair of new shoes and they think they can run faster. So I decided to be patient for a few more runs and let the newness wear off with his superhuman powers. Well they didn't wear off, and so after one of our training runs my friend offered that I run in his shoes after we were done. I ran for about a 1/4 mile and I was hooked. I went out and bought a pair by the end of the week. The comparison I made was its like riding on a hard tail bike vs. a full suspension bike on a downhill course. It's a no brainer you will ride the full suspension bike. The Hoka shoe was the same experience, it's a no brainer you will feel like "you can fly." Visit my Hoka Shoe page for more information.

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