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Getting Started / Expectations / Bronze Standard

Bronze Standard                                   START Be Committed Nutrition

Increase the vibrancy and vitality of your body, through cleansing, eat living foods, drinking pure water, and create positive energy which will enable you to compete/live at your *individual elite level without having to use drugs and other “non-healthy” methods. The intention of this lifestyle is to show that an aging body, when properly nourished, will be able to sustain an elite peak performance.

*Each of us has genetics limitations. This program is developed to improve upon your limitations and allow you to achieve a greater potential at your genetic level.

Program principles will be based off the following:

There are 3 standards (Levels) of lifestyles that you will be progressing through. If you graduate from the first (Bronze) standard you will be invited to the next standard. Each standard is developed to build upon each other, one step at a time. This is NOT a program, this is to teach you healthy principles to implement as a lifestyle.

Everyone is consumed with weight loss and how it equates to a standard of health. Losing weight is the easy part…follow a low calorie program (Atkins Diet, HCG, Cleansing, etc.) and you will lose weight (There is a weight loss option for the 90 DAY CHALLENGE). Can you maintain the weight loss with your lifestyle? For most, this is the difficult part. Most people are consumed with eating dead foods (breads, pasta, dairy, fried foods, and sugar), all of which are low nutrient foods and contribute to poor health and weight gain. The purpose of this transformation is to teach you a lifestyle to eat a high nutrient diet, for the rest of your life, which will improve the health of the body so that weight does not become an issue.

Bronze Standard

You do not have to eliminate anything from your diet at this time. The goal of this standard is to implement the requirements into your current lifestyle. The next standard will require limiting the types of foods you can eat.

If you have a bad day/week you can make up days in the following weeks. “EXTRA CREDIT” assignments/activities will be given in your weekly contact and emails.




Perfection is not required! But you will be required to achieve 5 days out of the week for 90 days. Structured exceptions will be made during vacation periods.

Services rendered during the 90 Day Challenge:

Cost is $85 per month

BUY 90 Day Challenge

For each of those who accomplish this challenge you will receive a Gift Certificate to the Sanctuary Spa.

If you have any questions or concerns contact Aaron at 801-243-1791.


I have a great passion for health. The more I study the body the more I realize the miracle it is and how we take that miracle for granted. Commit NOW! to improving your health. In my opinion, aging does not mean disease and ailments, that is a symptom of malnutrition. Increase your energy, feel better no matter how old you are, reduce your risk of disease….. whatever your reason is be committed to your health.

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